Friday, January 28, 2011


Another #MASSaturdays for ya'll. Here's some digital sketches from my new series Complexity of the Basics #staytuned for more out of the series.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Complexity of the Basics

So I have a new series that will be releasing via Twitter, Facebook and my Website. The series is called Complexity of the Basics.

The basics of art are more complex than those truly know. When a piece of art is made, it goes through plenty of stages before it is complete. For example, the few stages a painting undergoes is the under-drawing, blocking out shapes, then the painting layers. It's like looking at an X-Ray over a person's body, you see everything that makes them into the person they are. Your make an under-drawing to sketch out what your piece will look like. Then you block out your shapes for proportion purposes and placements. Then once you are satisfied with placements of your objects you begin to break down the shapes and layer upon them to make your final piece. This is the basic process of making a piece, especially in Fine Art.

This new series takes this same concept and exposes it all out in one piece. These pieces all showcase some "tastefully" nude models I made while exposing their building stages. The tears reveal the shapes that make up the body. The glass windows act as an X-Ray machine and show my under-drawing of the figure. As you see the basics can be a bit complex when broken down. That is what this series will portray. So without further adieu I present to you "Complexity of the Basics"

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hey whats going on everyone. Its Saturday so thats another #MASSaturdays for yall. Im letting yall see one of the many sketches I may do for a series brewing in my head. Cant speak too much on it seeing that its not fully developed in my head yet. However, as you can see in my sketch, you can see some of my notes I have down for it. #staytuned

Friday, January 7, 2011


Hey everyone out there

Its MAS Saturdays and if you saw my last post you know what that means!!! Im dropping a sketch exclusively from my sketchbook today. Im not just a graphic designer who also paints, I can DRAW too!!! Its the foundation and what the sole foundation, shapes and figure movement. im showing you all my foundation that is deeply planted in me and apparent.

Oo and I missed last Saturday because it was the start of the new year and I was bringing it in celebrating. Sorry so here's a DOUBLE DOSE of MAS

Monday, December 27, 2010


Ok hey everyone I really need to get back to this whole blogging thing. Suprisingly I been getting comments from people to update this thing with some posts. So you asked for it and I will provide. Hope everyones holidays were all good and enjoyable.But yes back to the ART. Sooo I have been doing a lot of figure sketching and close-up, detailed sketches of celebrities as you all may have already seen. I think I will be a bit more consistent with it now though that I am getting a lot of feedback from it all. So help me pick a day where I will update you all with some figure studies and whatever else treats I want to pull out of my sketchbook.


Im thinking Saturday. So I am going to try to keep it very consistent and make this a serious thing. This will help me keep my fluidity going and I wont forget my roots. So every Saturday look out for some figure studies by me and I may even drop a few special things from my sketchbook. MAS Saturdays yall


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st Self-Portrait Digital Painting

Got my new computer now and I'm back to work with filling orders, sending invoices, and internship work. I figured since I was having a little creativity block, that I would sketch a bit. I ALWAYS sketch when I'm having a block, it helps get my hand moving and creativity flowing. You should see my sketchbook. However, today I figured I do some sketching on the computer, seeing that I was already on it. I started to sketch an image I took of myself off of my phone. The sketch led to a caricature, which led back to being a fine art study, then to a painting, into a piece!

Here's my creative process below. Oh and to add... I believe this is my 1st digital self-portrait painting. Only took me an hour. I only changed the mode on my brush once ("Multiply") for very minor touch-ups, the rest is all under the "Normal" brush mode

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yo this is the newest addition of Flight Club up in NY... on 812 Broadway. Its soooo huge up in there and im looking at these pics... that fitted wall is just massive. I see a few kicks I NEED to pick up already (Lightning 4s, Luckys, Motorsport 4s)!! It has soo much space up in there. Looks like it was maybe an old warehouse or truck garage or something!! I need to make moves up to NY now to see this for myself