Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st Self-Portrait Digital Painting

Got my new computer now and I'm back to work with filling orders, sending invoices, and internship work. I figured since I was having a little creativity block, that I would sketch a bit. I ALWAYS sketch when I'm having a block, it helps get my hand moving and creativity flowing. You should see my sketchbook. However, today I figured I do some sketching on the computer, seeing that I was already on it. I started to sketch an image I took of myself off of my phone. The sketch led to a caricature, which led back to being a fine art study, then to a painting, into a piece!

Here's my creative process below. Oh and to add... I believe this is my 1st digital self-portrait painting. Only took me an hour. I only changed the mode on my brush once ("Multiply") for very minor touch-ups, the rest is all under the "Normal" brush mode

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