Thursday, January 27, 2011

Complexity of the Basics

So I have a new series that will be releasing via Twitter, Facebook and my Website. The series is called Complexity of the Basics.

The basics of art are more complex than those truly know. When a piece of art is made, it goes through plenty of stages before it is complete. For example, the few stages a painting undergoes is the under-drawing, blocking out shapes, then the painting layers. It's like looking at an X-Ray over a person's body, you see everything that makes them into the person they are. Your make an under-drawing to sketch out what your piece will look like. Then you block out your shapes for proportion purposes and placements. Then once you are satisfied with placements of your objects you begin to break down the shapes and layer upon them to make your final piece. This is the basic process of making a piece, especially in Fine Art.

This new series takes this same concept and exposes it all out in one piece. These pieces all showcase some "tastefully" nude models I made while exposing their building stages. The tears reveal the shapes that make up the body. The glass windows act as an X-Ray machine and show my under-drawing of the figure. As you see the basics can be a bit complex when broken down. That is what this series will portray. So without further adieu I present to you "Complexity of the Basics"

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