Monday, December 27, 2010


Ok hey everyone I really need to get back to this whole blogging thing. Suprisingly I been getting comments from people to update this thing with some posts. So you asked for it and I will provide. Hope everyones holidays were all good and enjoyable.But yes back to the ART. Sooo I have been doing a lot of figure sketching and close-up, detailed sketches of celebrities as you all may have already seen. I think I will be a bit more consistent with it now though that I am getting a lot of feedback from it all. So help me pick a day where I will update you all with some figure studies and whatever else treats I want to pull out of my sketchbook.


Im thinking Saturday. So I am going to try to keep it very consistent and make this a serious thing. This will help me keep my fluidity going and I wont forget my roots. So every Saturday look out for some figure studies by me and I may even drop a few special things from my sketchbook. MAS Saturdays yall


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