Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We have a special guest on our flight... so for your viewing pleasure sit back & click

Hug Hearts aka my girl Lisabutt.... like what can I say about her??!! We have such a great past and present so far. Had our ups and downs with different things. But I can def say she is an amazing person!!! So much to offer, so much space to take in things, so much creativity, & so much to say to the world... Even though she may not feel like she is, she is one of the great artistic ppl I know. whether its her poems, views, lil silly stuff, or openness... she takes on many artistic adventures she may not even know she took. In her blog she speaks on many interesting topics from going on in her life, music she just getting hip to, to lil poems n pics she created. So give it up y'all for Miss Lisa PW aka Lisa Payton (FB) aka Lisabutt aka Hug Hearts!!! Her blog is a very interesting read. Def need to check her out!

PS. lisabutt im not just doing this just because u got a few posts on me on there. its really a very interesting blog indeed

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