Thursday, June 17, 2010

Collabs Done Right: GShock X Starstyling

I am definitely in agreement with alot of the "collaborations" with GShock being mediocre. Alot of the collaborations are very simplistic and easily done. A collaboration should be a fusion of two styles to create a piece of work. With a lot of the collaborations with GShock it reveals to me that some of these brands don't have a particular style that stands out from the rest. Hmm I love collaborations that really PUSH the limit and possibilities. Ones that really made me look into the people's previous work. This collab GShock did with Starstyling def made me do some research on this Co.!!!! Heres what had to say:

It all started with collaborations with brands such as A Bathing Ape and in recent years every other brand seems to be working with the Casio G-Shock brand on a special make-up of the iconic digital watches. In some cases we still get surprised, in others it is not more than a simple print on the watch strap and one does not really understand what the purpose behind the collaboration actually was. As with all things, if it works, it will eventually get exploited. I think one can safely say that with the G-Shock collabo game we have arrived at a point where it is getting a little boring.

Today we had the chance to get a behind the scenes look at an upcoming collaboration with Berlin based fashion brandStarstyling and they actually show, that it can also be done differently. Watching the designers in the atelier work on the over 20 custom watches that will be released in the coming weeks was a great experience. Just like with everything Starstyling, expext the unexpected. Wooden beads, colorful metal bangles, fur and a lot more is being used and suddenly you see that it is all about choosing the right collaborator. Starstyling is very edgy and certainly not for everybody, but that is a good thing. The watches that you see in this behind the scenes look will be be used in the Starstyling fashion show during Berlin fashion week beginning of July and 20 of them will go on sale as a pack, including matching jewelry and a matching t-shirt. They will all be one-off pieces. Some sets will also go on a tour for display. Watch out for more information on the project soon.

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