Monday, May 24, 2010

"My name Wale probably know me from the you know..."

Ok ya'll so Im starting this mini series of celeb caricatures and then taking them into the digital world. Im going off the top of the head of celebs that I listen to, have noticeable characteristics, have some type of influence on me, etc. etc. Sooooo first I got my man Mr. No Days Off, WALE FOLARIN. Me being from the DMV area, sneakerhead, and avid fan of Wale... i figured why not put em up.

This is my reference pic of Wale. Catching him in one of his comfortable, playful moods. He also showing off soon to be released kicks as he's known for doing. This pose just opened my mind on the possibilities that could be utilized.

graphite sketch of Wale buried in exclusive kicks

Finished and colored! Some of the kicks in here are featured in Wale's Top 50 Fav Kicks and some are kicks I have in my own collection.

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