Monday, December 7, 2009

One last stop before we get to our destination

Sneaker Art has to be one of the biggest influences on my artwork because most of the artist i love who do it are so loose and conceptual. Move over Dave White, there's another sneaker freaker on the horizon. Meet Daymon Greulich, a Melbourne-based artist who specializes in cartoons and character design. Having worked at Disney Studios, he has now opted for the more unpredictable life of a freelancer. Just as a sneakerhead praises their favorite or rare shoes, analyzing all the special details, these artist do the same when depicting their favorites. His favorite kicks include the Air Jordan III, the Air trainer III and the Sneaker Freaker Blaze of Glory! They seem to show up a lot in some of his sneaker art. Not only does Daymon do highly acclaimed sneaker artwork but he also does gig and tour posters for musical artists, animation, illustrations, and random cartoon characters. All his work is portrayed in the digital world which gives him more of an influential beam towards me. I still sit to this day when he has a new piece trying to pick at all the little details he adds in his pieces just to try and get how he does it.

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