Thursday, November 19, 2009


New graphic piece I just finished a few days ago. "K.R.E.A.M. Kicks Rule Everything Around Me" The entire piece is a Illustrator pen tool drawing.... with a comic font. Its shows what my obsession is actually doing to me.

We did some silkscreening and here are a few of the products. I wanted to print on things that we have to look at to use in our everyday lives.
USPS Envelope. Kinda want to send it empty to someone without telling them its my art and see what they do with it... will they keep it 'cause my arts on there or will they throw it away?
one of my favorite magazines.. COMPLEX and one of my favorite brands of kicks.. Jordan. This just adds to the concept of the piece.
Paper towel.... I have a sick idea for this now. When we come back from break I want to bring a roll of paper towels and unroll it so i can print on each one then roll it back up, wrap it in an individual plastic package... K.R.E.A.M. I think that'd sell!!!! lol
Oh and here's the song that pretty much inspired this piece.. CREAM get the money dolla dolla bills ya'll

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