Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everyone find your pairing partner we're experiencing some TURBULANCE

This was a part of my tourist sketch series. Many tourists who come to Philadelphia hover over the famous LOVE statue at JFK Park aka Love Park.If you ever rode the metro in Philadelphia you know you will spot a variety of people traveling along with you. Some people talk about others behind their backs, criticizing them or whatever and then some who are just to themselves. This sketch was entirely inspired by my surroundings. I had some colored pencils in my hand and I was on the train observing people and honing into people's conversations.

This pairing is somewhat a giveaway. The subway routes are home to some of the most extravagant graffiti artworks. The South St station I was at even showcases a series of advertisement signs that commissioned graffiti artists and other artists to create pieces
which are inspired by PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer).

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