Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It seems we have a celebrity on board!

We usually attract various types of people on our journeys from middle-class people, the lower class, to even CELEBRITIES of inspiration in the art world!! First on our list is Brian "KAWS" Donnelly. KAWS is one of the upcoming worldwide-known artists. He has had numerous gallery showings located in many galleries across the world, from his city abode of New York to London and many more. Brian started out his artwork journey as the once looked over graffiti artist. Early on he created his signature image, X's on eyes, which is easily spotted as KAWS work now. KAWS's artwork ranges from manipulating noticeable childhood cartoon characters, abstract shapes, and even his own created characters. KAWS has gotten so widely known and successfully, he has collaborated with many other artists, started his own clothing line, and even been recognized in countless magazines. KAWS cartoon "style" has definitely inspired my increasing range of art style. Since there is a constant variety of people on our flights continue to stay tuned to many more inspiring artists.

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